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List All Known Hackers
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Name Code Hacker(s)
Infinite Energy C28C-4FAF Galoob
Start And Continue With 10 Lives DC60-CD0D Galoob
Start And Continue With 2 Lives D460-CD0D Galoob
Infinite Lives DDA3-3D07 Galoob
Take Minimal Damage A38C-4FAF Galoob
Full Energy From Carrots DD88-476F Galoob
Moon-Jumping Bugs F0B4-1404 Galoob
Super Jumping Bugs 0DB4-1404
Infinite Time 923F-17DD Horacioatlanta@
Jump In Mid-Air Multiple Times! DDB3-3404 Horacioatlanta@
Paralyze Dogs With A Pie Attack! Will Somebody Find A Auto Pick-Up Code For Weapon D3B3-3405 Horacioatlanta@

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