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Name Code(s)
You Must Obtain The Weapon First 4

Name Code Hacker(s)
Invincible From Enemies FFBD-C767 HackWiz
Invincible From Everything 1 3C8F-C40D HackWiz
Start New Game With Full Skull Meter FA62-3F0D HackWiz
Start A New Game With All Items In Inventory 2 EE6C-320D HackWiz
Infinite Cookies 8E2A-1D6D HackWiz

# Note
1 This code gives you protection from enemies, spikes and items you collect that deplete health when you use them.
2 Use this code with the passwords you receive from then on, or some items will be missing. When you continue a game with a password, all the weapon meters will be half filled.

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