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List All Known Hackers
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Name Code Hacker(s)
Almost Invincible In Action Sequences 2264-6FD4 Galoob
Start With 1/2 Energy (1st Game Only) D081-6DD8 Galoob
Stop Timer DD8B-D4D8 Galoob
Faster Timer FD86-D4A8 Galoob
Slower Timer 9D86-D4A8 Galoob
Die With One Hit EE81-6DD8
Start With More Energy 1 FF81-6DD8
Infinite Energy 2 F781-6DD8
Start With 86 Lives In Action Sequences CC62-DF6B HackWiz
Start With 250 Spell Points In RPG Sequences EC85-6D68 HackWiz
Infinite Lives DD68-6D6D HackWiz
Unlock Professional Mode DD67-D7AD HackWiz
Infinite MP C9BD-6467 HackWiz
Have Magic Spell & 24 MP In Professional Mode 3 69C4-AF6C
Infinite Spell Points CEA5-6DA3 HackWiz
Stage Select In Professional Mode 4 ##CD-A7DC HackWiz
Kill Bosses With 2 Hits, Enemies With 1 Hit B36D-ADD4 HackWiz

# Note
1 This code works in both modes.
2 This code works in both modes and you must start a new game to get infinite energy. It will automatically give you infinite energy for the rest of the game.
3 DF - Fireball
D4 - Star Rain
D7 - Energy Balls
D0 - Light
4 Works After Completing Fillmore Act 1.

D4 - Bloodpool Act 1
D7 - Bloodpool Act 2
D0 - Kasandora Act 1
D9 - Kasandora Act 2
D1 - Aitos Act 1
D5 - Aitos Act 2
D6 - Marahna Act 1
DB - Marahna Act 2
DC - Northwall Act 1
D8 - Northwall Act 2
DA - Death Heim

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