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List All Known Hackers
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Name Code Hacker(s)
Infinite Lives P1 & P2 C9A6-17BD HackWiz
Play "Rushing Beat Ran" BAA1-1D0F HackWiz
Play As Dieter P1 1 DC6C-3F95 HackWiz
Start In Forest/Gym Area 6268-A70D
Start At A Specific Level 2 6268-A70D
Infinite Angry Mode Once Activated 3 C18D-4D9D Helder
Infinite Lives 4 C1A6-17BD Helder
Gain A Life Instead of Losing One 5 31A6-17BD Helder
Invincibility 6 6D63-1791

# Note
1 Pick "Kazan" on the Character Select Screen.
2 D0 - Training Field/Lift/Air Terminal/Roofs/Airshed Area
D1 - Adler Area (On Plane)
3 Must have angry mode activated in options.
4 Do Not combine with "Gain a life instead of losing one" code.
5 Do not combine with "Infinite Lives" code.
6 The energy bar becomes invisible with this code. You can use your special attack an infinite number of times as well.

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