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Name Code(s)
These Codes Must Be Entered At The Start of A New Game 7

Name Code Hacker(s)
Start With 60,000 Gold Pieces 1D69-AFD0
Start With 250 Gold Pieces EC69-AFD0
Infinite Money For Weapons C225-0F02 Galoob
Infinite Money For Items C22A-0402 Galoob
Infinite Money For Rooms C229-640E Galoob
Infinite Money For Elixir C22F-A7DE Galoob
Level And Statistics For All Characters In Group Are Increased After Each Battle You Win B387-DFF2 Galoob
Magic Points Don't Decrease 828B-AF2E Galoob
No Random Battles CE64-6D64 Ugetab
No Random Battles (Improved) 1 A46F-6404

# Note
1 Disable these codes before fighing 'Rimsala', because it will freeze the game as soon as the battle starts if you don't. You can recover from the freeze up at any point, even after the game freezes. If you have trouble disabling the codes, turn the codes off, save the cheat file if neccesary, save a save-state, reload the ROM, and load the save-state with these codes off.

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