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Name Code(s)
Player 1 6
Player 2 6

Name Code Hacker(s)
Infinite Ammo 3CB8-4F63 HackWiz
Infinite Special Item 1 82BF-CDA3 HackWiz
Infinite Laps 2 3CAD-37A2
Infinite Shield/Armor 82B8-C76D HackWiz
Infinite Cash 8E89-C7DB HackWiz
Infinite Stopwatch Effect C26C-47D2 HackWiz
Infinite Star Effect 8289-4F03 HackWiz
Infinite Skull Effect C263-CDDA HackWiz

# Note
1 To get a different item, turn off the Game Genie, and use the current item before you cross the finish line. Turn on the Game Genie again.
2 To change tracks, turn off the Game Genie, finish the current race. Turn on again before you go to the next track.

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