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Name Code(s)
With The Next Two Codes, You May Continue With Various Numbers of Lives 21

Name Code Hacker(s)
Start With 2 Lives DF6D-0D0D Galoob
Start With 6 Lives D96D-0D0D Galoob
Start With 10 Lives DB6D-0D0D Galoob
Infinite Lives (Both Players - Except Level 2, Doesn't Work On Falling) 8986-CF01 Galoob
Infinite Lives When Falling 8026-CD08 Galoob
Start With 0 Continues DD6D-04AD Galoob
Start With 5 Continues D96D-04AD Galoob
Start With 9 Continues DB6D-04AD Galoob
After Getting Hurt, For A While Enemies Won't Attack And You're Invisible 6D20-34A8 Galoob
Take Less Damage From Hits 8280-4DD9 Galoob
Protection Against Most Strength Level 1 Hits 82A7-3FAF Galoob
Protection Against Most Strength Level 2 Hazards 8982-CFD1 Galoob

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