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Name Code(s)
With Codes 16 Through 18, You May Need To Switch Off To Go On 6
Codes 19 Through 21 Don't Work On All Levels 18

Name Code Hacker(s)
Start With 1 Life 007-ED8-E66 Galoob
Start With 6 Lives O57-ED8-E66 Galoob
Start With 10 Lives 097-ED8-E66 Galoob
Infinite Continues 007-C2E-3BE Galoob
1 Continue 017-F28-E66 Galoob
5 Continues 057-F28-E66 Galoob
10 Continues 0A7-F28-E66 Galoob
Infinite Lives & Energy FAC-CAF-4C1
Start 1st Life With 1/2 Energy 063-26F-D5A Galoob
Start With Only 1/2 Energy--After 1st Life 06E-388-D5A Galoob
Start 1st Life With 2 Extra Hit Points 0E3-26F-D5A Galoob
Start With 2 Extra Hit Points--After 1st Life 0EE-388-D5A Galoob
Keep Axe After Dying FAD-918-4C1 Galoob
Big Arms That Hack At You From Caves In Level 1 Do Not Move 005-42E-E6E Galoob

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