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List All Known Hackers
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Name Code Hacker(s)
Infinite Gold FA1-4D8-4C1
John Ratliff
Infinite HP FA9-F0B-4C1 John Ratliff
Take No Damage From Poison 009-78B-A28 John Ratliff
Take No Damage From Poison Field 00A-FDB-19E John Ratliff
Take No Damage From Oak Forest Gas 003-1C9-19E John Ratliff
Refresh Uses No MP FA2-BB9-4C1 John Ratliff
Telepathy Uses No MP FA9-68C-4C1 John Ratliff
Teleport Uses No MP FA5-A29-4C1 John Ratliff
Paralysis Uses No MP 003-4E9-F7A John Ratliff
Barrier Uses No MP 009-A49-E6E John Ratliff
Change Uses No MP 00B-35C-B3A John Ratliff
Flight Uses No MP 00A-6B9-E6E
John Ratliff
Level 3 Sword Power Uses No MP FAE-A99-4C1 John Ratliff

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