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Name Code Hacker(s)
Start With Max Of 3 Hit Points O62-01F-C42 Galoob
Start With Max Of 8 Hit Points 102-01F-C42 Galoob
1 Continue 022-07F-F7E Galoob
9 Continues 0A2-07F-F7E Galoob
Infinite Continues 00A-B5D-F75 Galoob
5 Batarangs On Pick-Up 05D-A0B-C42 Galoob
20 Batarangs On Pick-Up 14D-A0B-C42 Galoob
40 Batarangs On Pick-Up 28D-A0B-C42 Galoob
Infinite Batarangs On Pick-Up 009-96E-19E Galoob

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