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Name Code Hacker(s)
Set Length Of Game To 1:00 011-65B-6EA Galoob
Set Length Of Game To 3:00 031-65B-6EA Galoob
Set Length Of Game To 9:00 091-65B-6EA Galoob
Opponent's Energy Doesn't Go Up Again & Yours Does 007-938-19A Galoob
Invincible In Fights FA7-9F8-4C1 Galoob
3 Penalty Shots In Shoot-Out 035-B6A-F7E Galoob
5 Penalty Shots In Shoot-Out 055-B6A-F7E Galoob
9 Penalty Shots In Shoot-Out 095-B6A-F7E Galoob

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