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List All Known Hackers
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Name Code Hacker(s)
Infinite Energy 005-EFD-3B7 Galoob
Start With Very Little Energy 014-8ED-F76 Galoob
Start With About Half Energy 044-8ED-F76 Galoob
Start With About 2X Energy 0E4-8ED-F76 Galoob
Each Batarang Pick-Up Is Worth 9 09A-70B-F7E Galoob
Infinite Batarangs 00B-A3D-3BE Galoob
Almost Invincible-Switch Off If You Get Stuck 215-92D-D5D Galoob
Most Enemies Don't Die 006-16E-3B7 Galoob
Most Enemies Are Harder To Kill 0AF-CDB-E62 Galoob
Most Enemies Die With One Hit AF6-15E-A2C Galoob
Start With 7 Batarangs 004-96D-5D4

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