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List All Known Hackers
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Name Code Hacker(s)
Start With Flame Thrower 017-97B-E6A Galoob
Start With Crush Gun 077-97B-E6A Galoob
Start With Homing Shot 087-97B-E6A Galoob
Start With Spread Shot 097-97B-E6A Galoob
Get 5 Smart Bombs After You Die 052-B1B-E6E Galoob
Get 9 Smart Bombs After You Die 092-B1B-E6E Galoob
Infinite Smart Bombs 007-E2C-19E Galoob
Don't Flash After Getting Hit 010-6FB-7FB Galoob
Flash Longer After Getting Hit FF0-6FB-7FB Galoob
Invincible 3EB-81B-4CA Galoob

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