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Name Code Hacker(s)
No Walks 00C-63B-19A Galoob
1 Ball & You Walk 00C-66B-F7A Galoob
2 Balls & You Walk 02C-66B-F7A Galoob
3 Balls & You Walk 03C-66B-F7A Galoob
5 Balls & You Walk 04C-66B-F7A Galoob
Outs Aren't Counted (Baserunners Will Still Be Taken Out) 00C-77B-19A Galoob
Number Of Outs To Retire The Side Varies 003-8F8-E66 Galoob
Strikes Aren't Counted 00C-43B-3BA Galoob
1 Strike & You're Out 01C-46B-E66 Galoob
2 Strikes & You're Out 02C-46B-E66 Galoob
5 Strikes & You're Out 05C-46B-E66 Galoob
No Scoring--Switch Off To Score 008-1FF-E6E
The Pitch Result Displays "Ball" If It's A Ball, As Normal, But "Sballe" If It's A Strike 010249C1 JagFire
Everything You Throw Is A Strike 1 010146C4 JagFire
Everything Thrown Is A Ball, Similar To Above 010046C4 JagFire
Whether The Pitch Is A Strike Or Ball, The Sound Will Always Be As If It Was A Ball (There's A Sound Effect When A Ball Is Thrown) 013E02DD JagFire

# Note
1 The batter almost always misses it too. Remember that pitches that the enemy throws to you will always be a strike too, so disable this code when you're batting.

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