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Name Code Hacker(s)
Start With 5 Lives 048-5EF-E62 Galoob
Start With 7 Lives 068-5EF-E62 Galoob
Start With 2 Energy Bars 025-5CF-C42 Galoob
Start With 4 Energy Bars 045-5CF-C42 Galoob
Start With 6 Energy Bars 065-5CF-C42 Galoob
Start With Timer At 2:15 (1st Stage Only) 029-B3F-A26 Galoob
Start With Timer At 4:15 (1st Stage Only) 049-B3F-A26 Galoob
Start With Timer At 7:15 (1st Stage Only) 079-B3F-A26 Galoob
Infinite Energy 00A-F28-3B7 Galoob
Infinite Time 1 004-07F-3B7 Galoob
Infinite Lives 006-94F-3B7 Galoob
Don't Lose Weapon From Getting Hit 00A-CF8-3B7 Ugetab
Improve Speed Slightly 2 FF7-3CE-E69 Ugetab

# Note
1 Switch this code off at end of stages to go on.
2 This code only affects new games.

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