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List All Known Hackers
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Name Code Hacker(s)
Infinite Energy Except If Weapon Is Used Against You FA5-AFC-4C1
Infinite "L" Energy Except Against Spikes FAE-B5D-4C1 Galoob
Start With 1/2 Energy 0A3-2BC-B3A Galoob
Start With 1/4 Energy 053-2BC-B3A Galoob
Start With 3/4 Energy 0F3-2BC-B3A Galoob
Start On Level 2 1 029-B9C-E6E Galoob
Start On Level 4 049-B9C-E6E Galoob
Start On Level 6 069-B9C-E6E Galoob

# Note
1 The counter still says level 1; use for practice only--after finishing level, you go back to level 2.

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