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Name Code(s)
Adventure Mode 26
Arcade Mode 2
Codes Beginning With"0"Are For Code Breaker and Xploder DC Only 1

Name Code Hacker(s)
Punkte P1 01??9FC6
Unendlich Sticks P1 $0D25932A
Immer Level 1 P1 $0C212C2A
Immer Level 10 P1 $0C2A2C2A
Immer Level 19 P1 $0C332C2A
Immer Level 28 P1 $0C3C2C2A
Keine Spinnen $0D21812A
Punkte P2 01??B3C6
Unendlich Sticks P2 $0D25D02A
Immer Level 1 P2 $0C21BE2A
Immer Level 10 P2 $0C2ABE2A
Immer Level 19 P2 $0C33BE2A
Immer Level 28 P2 $0C3BBE2A

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