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List All Known Hackers
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Name Code Hacker(s)
Unendlich SPS-10 Radar $0D251EEF
Unendlich SPS-39 Radar $0D26A0EF
Unendlich MK-45II $0D237AEF
Unendlich MK-71III $0D2448EF
Unendlich Sea Sparrow $0D250EEF
Unendlich Tartar $0D2583EF
Unendlich Harpoon $0D2618EF
Unendlich Tomahawk $0D297FEF
Unendlich F-4 Phantom $0D2513EF
Unendlich F-14 Tomcat $0D26A3EF
Unendlich Trident D9 $0D2A21EF

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