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Name Code(s)
Player 1-Codes 6
Player 2-Codes 6
P1 Codes 107
P2 Codes 106
P3 Codes 91
P4 Codes 61
Miscellaneous Codes 6
Battle Royal Mode 0
Activators 96
Main 4
Create A Wrestler Codes 8
3 Way Dance Mode 0
VS Mode & Tournment Mode 0
1 On 2 Mode, 2 On 1 Mode 0
Tag Team Mode, Coop-Tag Team Mode, 8 Man Tag Mode, Tag Team Career Mode 0
Tornado Mode, 1 On 3 Mode, Lumberjack Mode, Coop-Tornado Mode, 3 On 1 Mode, Coop 3 On 1 Mode 0
Codes Beginning With "0" Are For Code Breaker and Xploder DC Only 1

Name Code Hacker(s)
Unendlich Energie P1 $0DD91304
Unendlich Special P1 $0DD97F04
Keine Energie P1 $0D211304
Keine Specials P1 $0D217F04
Quick Pin fuer P1 $0D24FA35
Unendlich Auszeit P1 $0D227235
Unendlich Energie P2 $0DD913A2
Unendlich Special P2 $0DD97FA2
Keine Energie P2 $0D2113A2
Keine Specials P2 $0D217FA2

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