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Name Code Hacker(s)
Turbo Bar x4 0x00372413 0x00000004
0x0055C4B4 0x00000003
0x003723E0 0x00000004
2 Million Burnout Points 0x205F2F64 0x001E8480 ?
2 Million Crash Points 0x205F2F68 0x001E8480 ?
3000 Total Takedowns 0x203BFF90 0x00000BB8 ?
200 Takedowns 0x103727FC 0x000000C8
0x1055C418 0x000000C8
0x1055C41C 0x000000C8
0x1055C478 0x000000C8
0x105F39EC 0x000000C8
Always First 0x00370EE4 0x00000007 Retrojunkies

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