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Name Code Hacker(s)
_C0 Infinite lives _L 0x00796678 0x00000007
0x0079667C 0x00000007
0x00C0DA40 0x00000007
_C1 TOKUTEN 9999999 _L 0x207965E4 0x0098967F ?
_C1 TOKUTEN 0 _L 0x207965E4 0x00000000 ?
_C1 TOKUTEN 0 _L 0x207965E4 0x00000000 ?
_C1 MARYOKU _L 0x00C0B47C 0x00000014 ?
_C1 JUMPxFF _L 0x00C0B468 0x000000FF ?
_C1 BUKI _L 0x00C0B480 0x00000005 ?
_C1 KOUGEKI UP _L 0x00C0B3C6 0x000000D0 ?
_C1 MUTEKIMAHOU _L 0x00C0B3C5 0x00000001 ?
_C1 SCORE 9999999 _L 0x207965E4 0x0098967F ?

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