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Name Code Hacker(s)
34000 Beans For Harry 0x10DD08F0 0x000186A0
0x10F62D60 0x000186A0
0x1122D01C 0x000186A0
0x1122D054 0x000186A0
Big D
34000 Beans For Heimili 0x10DD08F8 0x000186A0
0x10FD1490 0x000186A0
0x1128BD5C 0x000186A0
0x1128BD94 0x000186A0
Big D
34000 Beans For Ron 0x10DD08F4 0x000186A0
0x10F934F0 0x000186A0
0x1128B8BC 0x000186A0
0x1128B8F4 0x000186A0
Big D

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